24/7 Prayer week

18th November 2021

As part of the DBC 150th Anniversary celebrations, we are going to be starting the year of events with a week of 24/7 prayer.  This will start on Sunday 14th November at midday (the 149th anniversary), and continue until Sunday 21st November at midday.  We would love for everyone in the church to be a part of this - from the youngest to the oldest!  It is being run as a virtual prayer room, so sign up for an hour's slot (or multiple slots if you like!), and pray from wherever you are.  The link to the sign up sheet is here: 24-7 Prayer International - Sign-Up , or if you are technologically challenged, then contact the office who should be able to help you get signed up.  The idea is that for a week, someone from the church will be praying at all times - day and night.  Some resources with prayer ideas will be provided, but the important thing is for us to be spending time with God individually, and as a church.  If you would like to know more or ask about anything, feel free to contact Eleanor Moss, Heather Kneeshaw, Debbie Paterson, Jane Rafferty or Anna Roberts, and any of us would love to tell you more about it.