Centre Point - Evening worship service

3rd October 2021

Join us for Sunday evening worship at DBCC.  We would love to welcome you, and will do this in a safe and COVID-secure way. Due to ongoing tracking requirements, please book your place in advance by phoning the DBC Church office (01387 268926) or via EventBrite

On the first Sunday of the month the evening service will be ‘Centre Point’. This is a less formal opportunity to gather for worship, teaching, learning and discussion together around tables of six in the auditorium.

We will be exploring the theme of ‘Guidance’ on 3rd October.

What decisions, events and circumstances do we need help and guidance with? What do we do when seeking guidance? Who do we ask to help us when we are seeking guidance? How does God lead and guide us? How do we know when God is leading and guiding us in our choices and decisions? How can others help or hinder us when seeking guidance?

We will be meeting around tables in the Auditorium and will enjoy a short time of sung worship followed a few people having a short conversation about their experience of seeking and finding guidance. This will be followed by a time of group discussion, working through written questions provided on the theme of guidance and sharing from our experience. Tea and coffee will be served during the group time. We will finish the evening by briefly looking at a Bible passage and what it teaches us about guidance.

This will be the second of three evenings like this that are planned for this year. The feedback we received from our last ‘Centre Point’ was very positive. People found the evening to be engaging, helpful and encouraging. So, please come and be part of this time of learning and growing together.