Africa Inland Mission

Africa Inland Mission 

AIM is a sending agency with a heart for Africa’s peoples. We have our roots in a small band of faithful men and women who, in 1895, ventured inland to reach Africans untouched by the gospel. Their vision set the course of AIM for over 120 years, as a community called and sent to live and minister among Africa’s least-reached peoples. This call still remains.

Our desire is to see the worship of Jesus Christ spread across the continent of Africa – through individual lives fully committed to him, and collectively through Christ-centered church communities. Our Lord has done a mighty work in Africa, where His Church is vast and growing daily. But with over 1,000 African people groups who have yet to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, the task is far from finished.

Why does Dumfries Baptist Church support AIM? 

One of AIM’s nurses was part of our fellowship, as a child. She is now serving in a sensitive area, so you won’t be able to read about her online, but many of us pray for her.


If you have hard-earned skills, and a passion for outworking the gospel, could you serve on a short or long-term placement? Explore the possibilities here: Short term - Africa Inland Mission (Europe) (