A Rocha International

A Rocha International 
A Rocha International is a Christian organization engaging communities in nature conservation.  The teams, in over twenty countries, are frequently cross-cultural in character and share a community emphasis, with a focus on science and research, practical conservation, environmental education and theological training to help the church engage in creation care.  The name comes from the Portuguese for ‘the Rock’, as the first initiative was a field study centre in Portugal: there are now other field study centres in Canada, France, Czech Republic, Kenya and India.  

Why does Dumfries Baptist Church support A Rocha International?
It’s the only international, Christian, wildlife conservation organisation. 

The international office used to be in Dumfries, as Barbara Mearns, one of our church members, was ARI’s Editor/ Administrator for twenty years, and is still involved as a volunteer. From 1996-2016, Rick & Barbara ran the A Rocha stand at the British Birdwatching Fair each August.

Your DBC contacts:  Barbara or Richard Mearns


Enjoy an A Rocha podcast: A Rocha has always been a voice of hope in the environmental space. The Field Notes podcast, hosted by Peter Harris and Bryony Loveless, is an exploration of the ideas, practice and experience making a difference on the ground, through conversations with people who really know what they are talking about – from conservation scientists, explorers and biologists, to artists, entrepreneurs and theologians. They have hopeful stories to tell at Field Notes podcast - A Rocha InternationalA Rocha International

If you preach, teach, or just want to understand better what the Bible says about caring for the Earth, visit  At your service – Creation care resources for your church, by A Rocha International (arocha.org)

Show someone you care by giving a Gift with a Difference. Something that will not get thrown in the bin. Something that brings hope for them and the planet! Shop at www.shop.arocha.org  

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