Dumfries YMCA

Dumfries YMCA is a Christian organisation serving young people and open to all – those of other faiths and of none.  Dumfries YMCA is based in the former Lochside Primary School and is developing various programmes to meet the needs of young people and the community, as well as leasing out rooms (on either a full-term basis or as one-off or regular events).  The YMCA is seeking to respond effectively to the needs of the most vulnerable children, young people and families; invest in young people to help them realise their fullest potential; strengthen families at the heart of communities; work closely with partner organisations and fulfil our Christian mission by bringing peace, justice and hope to broken lives.

YMCAs are active in 128 countries and Dumfries is one of 28 which form YMCA Scotland, which is part of the European YMCA and the World Council of YMCAs.  

Why does Dumfries Baptist Church support Dumfries YMCA?

DBC has been associated with Dumfries YMCA for many years. In the 70s the then Pastor, Sandy Greig, was the Chaplain and members such as Jim and Betty Campbell were involved, as have many others over the years.

Your DBC Contact:   Helen Turner, currently a general volunteer, but previously a Board member for many years.

Web:  New website being built

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DumfriesYMCA